Auto and Recreational Vehicles

We provide comprehensive auto coverage to give you peace of mind. We can help you cover your autos, trucks and SUV’s as well as recreational vehicles. That includes your motorcycles, boats, campers, golf carts and ATVs. Specialty coverages, including SR22, and classic car coverages are available. Contact us for more information.


You work hard to make your house a home and we’re here to protect it. Our home insurance covers against physical damage to the building and its contents and can even help you with expenses if it becomes unhabitable due to a covered loss.

We offer coverage on traditional homes as well as condos, mobile homes, rental properties, and renters’ insurance.

Inland Marine

Provides insurance for those who have jewelry, fine art, collectibles, hearing aids, musical equipment, and other unique property not covered by the basic policy.


Umbrella policies provide additional liability coverage over and above your primary insurance to help protect you in the event you are held liable for a large claim.

Flood and Earthquake Insurance

Flood and Earthquake insurance is available.